Liberal Senator Dean Smith’s Private Bill could be the key to make marriage equality a reality as early as next week.

This Bill will force a debate in the Liberal and Coalition Party Room over Monday and Tuesday, and hopefully result in a free vote. But it won’t be easy and there is resistance from some members of the Liberal and National parties.

This week politicians have been talking about a postal plebiscite. It’s a bad idea, it would be costly, complicated, non-binding, non-compulsory and non-representative.

We need to show them that we won’t stop until our Australian LGBTQI community is treated equally and their loving relationships are recognised.

There’s already been too much delay. It’s time for a free vote in parliament.

Call your MP and ask them to support a free vote in Parliament.

Nervous about calling your MP? Don’t be, it’s actually very easy. It’s also unlikely you’ll speak with them directly most often you’ll leave a message with a staff member and they’ll pass it on for you.

Just add your postcode, right, to find your MP’s phone number and then tell us how the call went!

Thank you!

This action is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took action. We’re continuing our campaign for marriage equality.


Make the call

  Call Your MP

Follow these steps to make a big impact on Marriage equality.

  • Dial the number. Introduce yourself, and of course, be polite. Tell them who you are, that you live in the electorate and that you’d like to leave a message for your MP.
  • Tell them why marriage equality is important to you. You might have a brother or sister, parent or friend who is unable to get married. You may even be unable to get married yourself. Personal stories are very important.
  • Let them that a postal plebiscite is a real problem, it’s non binding, non compulsory, expensive and divisive.  
  • Tell them you would like your MP to speak up in favour of a free vote for marriage equality in the Coalition Party Room next Tuesday 8 August. A free vote is the only way to achieve marriage equality in a timely and efficient way. Need some more tips? Check out the video guide.
Here's how to make the call