Update December 2017: We have been sending along your messages of support to Manus Island. Behrouz Boochani, one of the men on Manus, said, “I would like to appreciate you and Amnesty for supporting the refugees…Thank you for sharing these beautiful messages with us”. If you haven’t already, you can still write a message to send along.

We’ve all been watching with horror and disbelief as the situation on Manus Island has rapidly deteriorated in recent weeks. The Lombrum detention centre has been closed, and hundreds of refugees have been left without water, electricity, food or medical supplies. Now they face the terrifying reality of being removed by force.

Our researchers have just come back from Manus, where they witnessed first-hand the shocking conditions at the centre. Asia Pacific Researcher Kate Schuetze said:

“This is a man-made crisis. It is the Australian and PNG governments who have left the men without food, clean water, proper sanitation or electricity. They cannot, having created the situation, now compound it by sending in security forces to force the refugees to move. They must immediately allow humanitarian assistance in to restore access to food, water, electricity and health care.”

Things are getting increasingly desperate for the refugees, who simply want to feel safe and find their freedom. The UN has called the situation a humanitarian emergency, and the strain on those left in the Lombrum centre is clearly taking its toll.

While we continue to put pressure on the Australian Government to bring them here to safety, we also need to show the men stuck on Manus they haven’t been forgotten.

Australians are watching, and we stand with them.

Please share your message of support to let the refugees on Manus Island know that they are not alone.

Thank you!

This action is now closed. Thank you to everyone who sent a message of solidarity to the men on Manus Island. Your compassion has made a huge difference in letting these men know they are not alone and they will not be forgotten.

We’re continuing to monitor the situation for refugees on Manus Island and Nauru and will keep you informed about how you can help.

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