Events & Tactics Checklist

Are you hosting an event or running an activity for Amnesty International Australia? Check out this handy step-by-step guide! Not all of these steps will be relevant for every event or tactic, but they are for most so just focus on the ones that are useful to you.

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Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing:

  • How are you prioritising diversity and inclusion? Are you centring the voices of the rights holders that you are campaigning for and with? It might be worth brushing up on the ‘How to be a Genuine Ally’ training module and read our Participation Policy and Participation Protocol.
  • Learn how to be an anti-racism ally—sign up for your free anti-racism ally guide here.
  • Campaigning for human rights can be difficult. Burnout and vicarious trauma can happen and it’s important to keep a look out for the signs in yourself and your friends. You can check out our Sustainable Activism & Self Care guide and workshop here. It examines how we can better take care of ourselves as activists and what you can do to make sure your activism is sustainable! You can contact our free, external and confidential counselling service on 1300 361 008.
  • Useful resources: Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Action Plan 2021, Inclusive Language and Events Guide.
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  • Do you know the finer details of everything that needs to happen before, during and after the event? Do you know who will provide support on all of these tasks? Is your team ready to go?
  • Have you reached out to others you’d like involved in the event / tactic? Can you partner with other action groups to host this event? Reach out to them!
  • Do you have the location sorted for the event / tactic? Is it accessible? Does it have what you need?
  • Welcome to / Acknowledgement of Country: Which do you need? Have you organised for this to happen?
  • Check out the Events & tactics: Part 2 – Coordination training module for a location checklist, promotion/comms plan, running sheet, and more information about each step in the event organisation process.

Approval & support:

  • Submit your event through the Host an Event Form. This form helps us keep an overview of all Amnesty events and funding/resource requests.
  • Activist expenses are deducted from the budget of your region’s Activism Leadership Committee (ALC). This is why event funding needs to be approved by your regional ALC. You can request funding for your event through the Host an Event form above.
  • All approved public events are covered by our Public Liability Insurance (coming soon).
  • You can also order physical Amnesty-branded resources through the form. We have essential resources, like marquees, banners and T-shirts, and merchandise, like pens, badges, and stickers.
  • Ethical Suppliers list: If you’re ordering materials yourself, make sure you check the company. Are they environmentally friendly? Are their products ethically sourced?
  • Request a speaker from Amnesty through the Speaker Request Form.
  • Skill up via our online training modules.
  • Check the General Event Resources page for PDF petitions, QR codes and other event resources.
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  • Do you have a communications plan? Do you know what to tell people and when?
  • Our incredible Activist Communications Team is here to support with event promotion, like inclusion in the People Powered bulletin, contacting local media, social media support and content creation. Fill out this brief or email them directly at
  • Events submitted through the Host an Event form are added to the Upcoming Events Page on the Amnesty website by the Supporter Care team (unless otherwise indicated).


  • Request a photographer from Amnesty’s National Photography Network (NPN) through the Host an Event form. To request a photographer for a non-event related project, please fill out this brief.
  • Have a look at the Photography Activist Resources page for more info.

Online events:

  • Refresh your memory on the ins and outs of Zoom by reading the How-to-Zoom guide.
  • Make sure your attendees have the link to access the online event. Check your internet speed, test your camera, microphone, lighting, and backdrop.
  • Have one person available to help attendees who are experiencing technical issues or have questions during the event.

Risk assessment:

  • Have you worked out what could go wrong? Do you have backup plans if that happens?
  • To help you navigate these uncertain times, we’ve created this COVID-19 Directory for Activists which contains relevant policies, guides, FAQs, articles and actions.
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Team briefing

  • Do you have a running agenda? Does everyone know exactly what they are doing?
  • Have you reserved enough time to get everything set up at the location?

Health & safety:

  • Have you made the space feel safe, inclusive and accessible? Will people feel welcome? Review the documents under Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing again.

Debrief & pack up:

  • Have you set aside time for a brief reflection afterwards? Did you achieve your goals?


Follow up:

  • Have you sent out comms to attendees to thank them for coming and let them know what’s next?
  • Send your actions to the Supporter Care Team: scan and email them to OR post them to the Sydney action centre at Amnesty International, Locked Bag 23, Broadway NSW 2007.
  • Return any essential resources or unused materials to your local Action Centre.
  • Approved invoices can be sent to Please ensure that invoices from external companies include your personal details and group name on them. If you need to be reimbursed for an expense, please send both the receipt(s) and a completed Payment Requisition form.
  • Any funds collected at your event can be transferred to Amnesty’s bank account. Please contact the Supporter Care team for our details.


  • Have you done a thorough evaluation of the event? What worked? What didn’t? Have you sent this evaluation on to relevant staff and other activists to learn from?
  • Please fill out the Event Evaluation Form to let us know how your event went—evaluations enable us to report on events, recognise your work and address any issues.


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