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Reporting Back to the Movement

This page covers all the reporting you need whether it’s hearing from our National Board or reading the quarterly Grassroots Report that highlights the wins and lessons of Amnesty’s organising program.

National Board Report

Report from latest Board meetings: Report from Board meeting held on 24 October 2023

Activist Census Results

Amnesty International Australia proudly leads one of the longest running studies into organising and action groups through regular activist surveys. Previously called “Group Health Checks”, these surveys have been a vital temperature check for our movement since they began in 2008. Our last Group Health Check was completed in 2018 prior to a governance change and restructure.

While previous years focused on our action groups, this year we have renamed the survey the “Activist Census”, included improved questions and expanded it to all our activist structures, networks and individual activists. These changes strengthen our understanding of the health and sustainability of the movement and identify future possibilities for collaboration and diversification.

The critical insights offered by this Activist Census are a key tool in informing how AIA can optimise our efforts to ensure our movement is Activated, Empowered and Impactful going forward.

Grassroots Report

This report is an overview of Amnesty’s national Organising program. It shows how we’re tracking against key goals in the 2025 vision, but it is also a snapshot of some of the most exciting activities and innovations activists have done over the last few months. We want to show key examples of how our grassroots movement has had impact for human rights as a result of their commitment, strategic thinking and hard work.

The purpose of this report is to:

  • enable activists to see their individual contribution and understand their collective impact
  • show transparency
  • share activist-led innovation
  • identify our areas of strength and where we need to improve

If you have any questions or comments please contact the Organising Team at communityorganising@amnesty.org.au.

VIC Activists and Staff at Human Rights Day activities 2021

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