How you can help defend individuals at risk

One of our greatest achievements in our 50 years of human rights work has been to empower our supporters to work for and with individuals at risk, bridging the gap between people whose human rights are violated and those people who are prepared to campaign on their behalf.

“I love texting, tweeting, blogging and emailing as much, if not more, than the next person, but there are some occasions when nothing, but nothing, can replace the power of the hand-written letter”

Stephen Fry

For these individuals, your actions can be:

  • the knife to cut nooses
  • the strength to stop torturers
  • the key to open jail cells
  • the hope to keep living.

How can you take part in our individuals at risk program?

There are three ways you can help:

1. Join the Urgent Action Network

Supporters in our Urgent Action Network write appeals for our most time-critical cases of human rights abuse. By joining, you’ll receive urgent updates on what’s going on, and be given opportunities to act.

Sign up to the Urgent Action Network today.

2. Work on Amnesty cases within a specific project area

We invite you and a group of friends to work on one of our Individuals at Risk Program project areas. We’ll give you all the information you need on how you can make a difference in your chosen area. You’ll receive our guidance and support throughout the process and be able to discuss ideas with staff and other volunteers.

3. Visit our online action centre and join one of our current campaigns

Be a part of change by taking action with one of our online campaigns. Our strength comes from speaking out together — and it only takes a minute.

Take action online now and make a difference to those who need it.