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Amnesty International Australia Media Awards: Meet the 2021 Radio Finalists

The Amnesty International Australia Media Awards recognise the important work of media professionals operating in Australia to expose human rights abuses around the world.

With the impending announcement of this year’s winners on the 18th November – meet the finalists in the Radio category and their entries to this years’ awards. In no particular order:

“Her name was Mhelody Bruno”, Elise Kinsella and Andy Burns, ABC – Background Briefing and Regional Investigations

Photo of ‘Her Name was Mhelody Bruno’ on ABC- Background Briefing

“Her Name Was Mhelody Bruno” is a radio documentary that looks at the manslaughter death of transgender woman Mhelody Bruno and what has been described as the “miscarriage of justice” that followed. Ms Bruno was holidaying in Australia when she was strangled to death by a man she was dating. Rian Toyer told the District Court of NSW that her death was accidental and Ms Bruno had been strangled as part of a consensual erotic asphyxiation practice gone wrong. He was initially handed a non-custodial sentence by the Judge. But this ABC investigation exposed a raft of critical evidence that the police and prosecutors never presented to the Court.

The judges’ comments:

“‘Her name was Mhelody Bruno’ is a completely original documentary that uncovers new evidence in a case that otherwise would not have gained media attention… The documentary is incredibly accessible and told in a narrative arc that is easy to follow and compelling listening. It’s beautiful (and devastating) audio storytelling. By incorporating interviews with Mhelody’s friends and family Elise has given transgender issues a real life face in Mhelody.”

“The Wait”, Mozhgan Moarefizadeh, Nicole Curby, Michael Green, Bec Fary & Miles Martignoni, The Guardian – Full Story

Photo of “The Wait” on The Guardian – Full Story

“The Wait” is a five-part podcast series about the situation facing refugees living without rights in Indonesia. “The Wait” walks a unique and delicate line, presenting rigorous in-depth reporting while placing authority in Moarefizadeh’s hands. As co-host of the series she is the central protagonist, as well as reporter, interpreter, and expert.

The judges’ comments:

“‘The Wait’ is exceptional in its storytelling – sharing personal experiences in people’s first language with interpretation. It digs into the complexity, the lack of human rights and incredible hardship experienced by those stuck in Indonesia through a diversity of voices. Nicole’s relationship with Mozhgan and in turn Mozhgan’s ability to build trusting relationships with refugees and asylum seekers who share their stories has been invaluable to the podcasts success.”

“Afghanistan Interviews”, Sally Sara, ABC Radio – The World Today

Photo of “Afghanistan Interviews” on ABC – The World Today

“The World Today” provides insightful interviews following the fall of Kabul. The interviews are conducted with an Afghan contractor, who worked on an Australian aid project; Admiral Chris Barrie, Former Chief of the Defence Force; and a US Marine who was embedded with a platoon at Patrol Base Sangin Fulod.

The judges’ comments:

“Brilliant interviews covering the Taliban taking back Afghanistan and the Australian government’s response. They demonstrate a diverse range of views that provide incredible depth and insight on the situation in Afghanistan from three important angles – the Afghan contractor, the former ADF Chief and the US Marine vet. Sally’s use of audio from ten years prior when she was embedded with marines in Afghanistan works perfectly.”

Thanks to this years’ Radio judges

  • Martin Walters, 2Ser
  • Alexandra Barwick, ABC Radio Alice Springs

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