Photo from Inside Myanmar's Crackdown Finalist Television Media Awards 2021

Amnesty International Australia Media Awards: Meet the 2021 Television Finalists

The Amnesty International Australia Media Awards recognise the important work of media professionals operating in Australia to expose human rights abuses around the world.

With the impending announcement of this year’s winners on the 18th November – meet the finalists in the Television category and their entries to this years’ awards. In no particular order:

“Kabul Guards”, Lucy Murray, SBS – World News

Photo of the SBS – World News report “Kabul Guards

After the Australian Embassy in Kabul was closed 100 local staff were left in limbo, without employment or protection from the government many feared for their lives and went into hiding in their own homes. This story was the first to raise the alarm for embassy security guards, and their urgent need for humanitarian visas in order to find safety in Australia. This story gives voice to a number of security guards who were left in Afghanistan, including one who narrowly missed an attack by a military operative.

The judges’ comments:

“Excellent coverage of the fears for former Embassy security guards which provoked a policy change.”

“State of Fear: Inside Myanmar’s Crackdown”, Ali Fowle and the 101 East team, Al Jazeera English

Photo of 101 East “Inside Myanmar’s Crackdown”

Since a military coup in February, six months of deadly chaos has engulfed Myanmar. A production team of largely Australian journalists based in Australia for Al Jazeera has provided unrivalled, on-the-ground coverage of this ongoing crisis for the weekly current affairs program 101 East. With Myanmar largely closed off to foreign media, 101 East has put disturbing cases of alleged torture, mysterious deaths, disappearances and detention without charge under the spotlight, revealing how the military is creating a state of fear and bringing their actions to the world’s attention.

The judges’ comments:

“A very comprehensive cross global story, with a far-reach and compelling on the ground coverage.”

“The Australian-born children the government wants to deport because they have a disability”, Jessica Longbottom, ABC

Photo of the ABC Report “The Australian-born children the government wants to deport because they have a disability’.

Australia systematically deports families solely because one of them has a disability. This includes children who are born here, and who would be permanent residents if it was not for their disability. Other countries, such as Canada, don’t have such unfair systems, while the United Nations has previously noted the rules breach human rights. This story follows a Melbourne family who are fighting for permanent residency in Australia, and a South Australian family facing deportation to the Maldives.

The judges’ comments:

“The story was told in a powerful way, giving primacy of voice to the parents of children with disability at risk of deportation. The story was well written and beautifully crafted. Clearly had impact as the subject of political discussions and follow up stories from other media outlets.”

Thanks to this years’ Television judges

  • Stela Todorovic, 10 News First
  • Lindy Kerin, NITV
  • Fauziah Ibrahim, ABC News Breakfast

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