Nauru: Australian Government’s failure to transfer child ‘at imminent risk of dying’ an absolute disgrace

Responding to reports that the Australian Government has failed to transfer a 12-year-old child, who has been on hunger strike on Nauru for more that a fortnight, to Australia for urgent medical treatment despite medical advice that he is at imminent risk of dying, Tim O’Connor, Campaigns Manager at Amnesty International said:

“It is absolutely disgraceful that the Australian Government has ignored expert medical advice to evacuate this vulnerable, and extremely unwell child.”

“The system is clearly broken if a 12-year-old child is hunger striking. This is a desperate situation and a decision cannot be delayed for another moment, he must be immediately brought to Australia to receive the urgent medical treatment he needs and that has been recommended by medical professionals.

“This is a young boy who has already been failed by the Australian government’s abusive policies, he came seeking Australia’s protection, he has been recognised as a refugee but has instead been warehoused on Nauru for five years.

“Five years is five years too long. How far is the Government willing to let this go? We cannot let another person die, let alone a child.

“The Australian Government has a duty of care – for as long as offshore processing exists – Australia is responsible. The immediate solution is to bring people here to Australia, or, failing that, to a safe third country, and offer them the protection they need and deserve.”

Amnesty International is today calling on our supporters to pick up the phone and call Prime Minister Turnbull to act immediately on this case and bring the boy to safety and urgent medical care in Australia.