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Individuals at risk North America
USA: Free Kelly on humanitarian grounds

Demand the US authorities grant humanitarian parole to Kelly Gonzalez Aguilar, a transgender woman from Honduras seeking asylum Kelly is being held in US immigration detention.

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Human Rights
Amnesty’s 59th Birthday & Sorry Day Online Event

Amnesty International Gold Coast invites you to commemorate National Sorry Day in recognition of Indigenous Australians we were forcibly removed from their families during the Stolen Generation. We will also be celebrating Amnesty International’s 59th birthday, and all of the wins we have achieved for human rights in those years. This is a great opportunity […]

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WA Climate Strike September 2019
Activism Australia
Grassroots Report
7 May 2020 | 11:25 am

Quarterly Grassroots Report This quarterly report is an overview of Amnesty’s national Organising program. It shows how we’re tracking against key goals in the 2020 vision, but it is also a snapshot of some of the most exciting activities and innovations activists have done over the last few months. We want to show key examples […]

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Amnesty QLD/NNSW Youth Activist Forum

Are you a young Amnesty activist in Queensland or Northern NSW? Come along to the QLD/NNSW Youth Forum for an opportunity to connect with other young activists around the region and share your experiences and ideas! The forum will bring together youth activists in QLD/NNSW to explore how activists are faring in the time of […]

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2019 AGM vote
2020 General Meeting Voter Candidates
4 May 2020 | 2:48 pm

Australian Capital Territory & Southern New South Wales: meet the candidates! Kathryn Allan Hi! My name is Kathy and I’ve been involved in Amnesty since I was in high school in the UK, and more seriously involved when I joined my university group in the USA. Social justice is at the core of everything I […]

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A group of professional photographers holding cameras.
COVID-19 Global
Global: Crackdown on journalists weakens efforts to tackle COVID-19
2 May 2020 | 2:13 pm

The backlash against journalists and others who criticize their governments’ handling of COVID-19 is hampering efforts to tackle the virus, Amnesty International said today. The organization warned that censorship of vital information related to the pandemic has become a global phenomenon and urged governments to prioritise public health over their own egos. Ahead of World […]

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COVID-19 Australia
Become a Digital Defender

Who are Digital Defenders? Digital Defenders are people who commit to change the conversation on social media in order to promote and defend human rights. On social media, ideas spread far and wide, and can have long lasting impacts in real life. As contributors to digital culture, Digital Defenders help to create a community that […]

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A small group of men stand in a hotel hallway, holding handmade signs asking 'Free us before COVID19 kills us'. One man creates heart symbol with his hands.
COVID-19 Australia
Hotel must stop holding refugees’ health hostage and end their contracts with the Federal Government
1 May 2020 | 9:55 am

Amnesty International Australia is calling on the Mantra Bell City Hotel in Melbourne and Kangaroo Point Central Hotel in Brisbane to end their contracts with the Federal Government to detain refugees held in crowded, unsafe conditions. Management of the Mantra Group and Central Apartment Group that runs Kangaroo Point have not responded to Amnesty’s letters […]

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