People Powered Strategy 2023 - 2030

Amnesty International Australia’s People Powered Strategy ensures that all people and institutions in Australia have an understanding of, and respect for, human rights and are agents of change in upholding them.

We will share resources, skills and platforms so people can campaign, advocate for, and uphold their rights and those of others.

Recognising Amnesty Australia’s power, place and responsibility in a global movement, we will collaborate and partner locally, regionally and internationally to create a more equitable and just future for all.

The People Powered Strategy is a road map for Amnesty Activist Teams including ALCs, Action Groups, Networks and others to drive change across Australia.

  • We will transform Australia into a rights respecting society
    • Leading human rights education to empower people in Australia to act with knowledge and confidence and drive change.
    • Supporting young people to drive institutional change to progress human rights.
    • Learning with First Nations to dismantle our culture of colonisation, racism and discrimination.
  • We are part of a thriving and diverse movement
    • Ensuring representation of the diverse communities we work alongside.
    • Ensuring activists feel genuinely supported and valued.
    • Providing safe spaces for activists to connect and feel a sense of belonging.
  • We will build our collective power
    • Acting as a supportive ally and partner with other social movements.
    • Using our platform to amplify the voices of those suffering human rights abuses.
    • Strengthening our partnerships across Asia Pacific.

The Co-Design of our People Powered Strategy

What makes the People Powered Strategy truly unique is the journey it took to come to life.

A dynamic co-design process brought together a diverse group of 15 dedicated Amnesty activists and staff, with a variety of lived and learned expertise. They were supported by 2 co-design experts from The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI).

This dedicated team embarked on a months-long collaborative journey. Their mission was to envision and deliberate the activities and conditions required to transform Australia into a rights respecting society, all while considering Amnesty’s unique power, place, and responsibility in nurturing those conditions.

At various stages during the co-design process, the strategy was sense-checked by Amnesty activist teams, staff, and partners across the human rights movement. Their invaluable input ensured that our strategy was not only visionary but also practical.

The result of this collective effort is Amnesty Australia’s People Powered Strategy, a transformative roadmap for Amnesty activist teams, including ALCs, Action Groups and Networks, as well as staff and partners to drive change across Australia.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we work together to transform Australia into a rights respecting society.

Amnesty International Australia’s Theory of Change

IF we acknowledge and take accountability for dismantling Amnesty’s culture of colonisation, racism and discrimination when working with communities to act on human rights issues, we can empower people to create change through people powered campaigns that are grounded in lived experience, genuine engagement, and research.

We can THEN ensure people have the agency to fight to create a society where human rights are respected and upheld.

BECAUSE when people exercise this power, governments, decision makers, institutions and corporations will recognise that they will be held accountable for abusing human rights, and adopt behaviours and practices that respect and uphold human rights.

If you have any questions or comments about our People Powered Strategy, please contact Amnesty’s Organising Team at