Rohingya Campaign Update

Since we launched the Rohingya crisis campaign in August momentum has been building and thanks to the hard work of activists across Australia our campaign calls are being heard.

Just last week Foreign Minister Marise Payne announced the Australian Government is considering options in response to the United Nations Fact-Finding Mission to Myanmar’s report. This report included targeted sanctions against key individuals in the Myanmar military, which Amnesty International specifically named in our June report calling for accountability for the ethnic cleansing campaign committed against the Rohingya people.

This is a vital first step to the Rohingya people getting justice.

Activists have been instrumental in the campaign making sure the Australian public is informed that the extreme violence being experienced by the Rohingya people is not at the hands of rogue soldiers but highly orchestrated, systematic attacks by the Myanmar security forces. Security forces that the Australian government continues to provide funding, training and other support too.

Activists will keep up the pressure until The Australian Government cuts its ties with the Myanmar military.

Join the call to action and get involved in your region today by contacting your local community organiser.