Activists get inspired at skillshare in WA!

Activists at the WA skillshare in March 2017. © Private
Activists at the WA skillshare in March 2017. © Private

On the 18 March, 30 of Western Australia’s most dedicated activists came together for the first activist skill share of 2017 — and they had a blast.

The first activist skillshare in WA kicked off at the end of 2015, and these gatherings have quickly grown from workshops presented by staff, activists and guest speakers into full days of sessions designed and ran by activists. Now, activists are not only identifying the skills they want to develop, but are designing and creating their own content and sharing it with their fellow activists.

A phenomenal amount of hard work goes into these sessions, and the March skillshare covered a wide range of topics like how to market your group, planning for impact and handling objections.

Activists at the WA skillshare in March 2017. © Private
Activists at the WA skillshare in March 2017. © Private

“Such an awesome day! The presenters were all fantastic and knowledgeable and each session was really interesting. The session on marketing was super insightful – I left the session feeling invigorated, inspired and well-equipped to help continue to move my group forward.”

Bhaval Chandaria Joondalup, Group Convener

Every skillshare just gets better and better. Spending a whole day in the company of other passionate and committed activists provides gives us such a great opportunity to not only hone skills and learn from each other, but also to build solid relationships, look for opportunities to work together and create a solid community of activists in WA.

“It was particularly valuable for me to see what each individual activist could bring to the table and how we differ, as well as what we share in terms of our passion for justice. In a sometimes troubling and difficult world, it was really inspiring to unite with others fighting the good fight, and to learn how to encourage others to do the same.”


Big things are coming for the next skillshare that we’re planning for later in the year, with activists already thinking about what should be included. If you’re in WA and you want to be part of the WA Famnesty, make sure you’re on our mailing list by getting in touch with . Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a changemaker.

To get up to date with our latest priority campaigns — Community is Everything, refugees and child labour in the palm oil industry — join our next national briefing webinar at 7.30pm AEST on Tuesday April 18. And make sure to check out our Skill Up page for the latest activist training modules.

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