Here you’ll find information about General Meeting Voters and Activism Leadership Committees.

Activism Leadership Committees

Activism Leadership Committees help motivate, coordinate and develop local human rights activism. They mentor and support activists and action groups, and participate in consultations on our vision, campaign priorities and policies. They are at the centre of our work promoting human rights. Activism Leadership Committees have up to 12 members.  In 2019, there were fewer candidates than the number of positions to be filled. As such, all candidates are members of the ALC from 16 August 2019.  Biographies and pictures of your new ALCs are available here. Terms are for 2 years, which are staggered – this means that half of the Activism Leadership Committee will be elected for two years in an even year, with the other half being elected in odd years.  As 2019 is the first year of the new system, half of the ALC will hold office for two years, with the remainder for one year. 

Find out more about the role and responsibilities of Activist Leadership Committee Members.

General Meeting Voters - get your voice heard!

General Meeting Voters (GMVs) are members elected by their region to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting. Only General Meeting Voters have the right to vote on resolutions to set Amnesty International Australia’s direction, for board members and for other key positions. Alongside changes to our Activism Leadership Committees, we increased the number of voting members since 2018. This means that more people can participate in setting the strategic direction of our work for greater human rights impact. Elections were held from 24 July – 11 August and results are available here.