Wins and cases that activists and allies like you are helping with

Yulia Tsvetkova smiling, wearing red sunglasses and a rainbow long sleeve top.
LGBTQIA+ rights activist in Russia
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Selfie of LGBTI Rights Defender Zahra Sedighi Hamadani in a black t-shirt, wearing black framed glasses
Mother and LGBTI rights defender in Iran
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Mariana (L) and Yren (R) smile at the camera with an arm around each other
Activists for trans rights in Paraguay
Yren and Mariana
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Elżbieta, Anna and Joanna stand on the street, smiling at the camera, holding rainbow tote bags
Human rights defenders in Poland
Elżbieta, Anna and Joanna
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Portrait photograph of Sakris Kupila in a park, wearing glasses and a black jacket, smiling at the camera.
Student and defender of trans rights in Finland
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Melike Balkan and Özgür Gür smile at the camera, with an arm around each other, standing in front of a wall with Pride flags hanging on it
Students and LGBTI+ rights activists in Türkiye
Melike and Özgür
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Amnesty International activists take part in Pride march, waving Amnesty and Pride flags.
Victoria passes world-leading legislation to end conversion practices
Ending conversion practices
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Anna and Vira from Sphere pose for a photograph
LGBTQIA+ and women's rights NGO in Ukraine
Sphere NGO
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Being a good ally is about showing up when you’re needed, and stepping back when you’re not. It’s about taking action to support a group you aren’t part of in whatever ways they need.

Together, we can pressure Australian governments to work with survivors groups, such as SOGICE Survivors and Brave Network, to create legislation that effectively ends conversion practices.

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