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Serious questions for DFAT following disturbing violation of women at Hamad International Airport

Responding to this morning’s comments by Foreign Affairs Minister, Marise Payne, concerning the violation of women at Hamad International Airport in Qatar, Amnesty International National Director, Sam Klintworth, said:

“There are a number of very serious questions the Department must answer concerning the events of October 2 in Qatar. The women subjected to this terrible ordeal appear to have come forward straight away and told authorities what occurred at the airport. Why then has it taken until now, following a report in the media, for the Department to approach the Qatari authorities for an explanation?

“Were any other women from other countries violated in this way at the airport and if so, have those countries been informed? What was the full extent of this incident?

“There must be an independent investigation into the events that took place if we are to ever get a truly transparent account of what occurred and to establish unequivocally who is responsible and hold them to account for this gross breach of these women’s rights.”