Wins: Australia steps up to fight climate change, refugees no longer in TPVs limbo, Yasaman and Monireh are free, and more

Have you ever wondered what happens when you sign a petition or make a donation? Where does it go? Does it make a difference?

When we hand your signature along with thousands of others to decision-makers or when you power our critical human rights work by making a donation, you can transform lives. These actions help to free the wrongfully imprisoned, rewrite unjust laws and hold the powerful to account.

Here is a snapshot of our collective impact — the latest stories of hope overcoming adversity and lives changed.

Australia: Longstanding injustice of temporary protection visas ended for refugees

In February 2023, after years of campaigning, the Australian government will finally allow 19,000 people who have lived in limbo for as long as 10 years under the cruel and unnecessary system of temporary protection visas where they were unable to see their families, study, travel and participate fully in Australian life, to become permanent residents and reunite with their families.

What’s next?

  • Learn more about our Refugee Rights campaign work.
  • Sign the petition to raise Australia’s refugee and humanitarian intake to at least 30,000 places – ensuring Community Sponsorship efforts are additional in the upcoming October budget.

Iran: Sareh’s death sentence for defending LGBTQIA+ rights was overturned

In December 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Sareh’s Sedighi-Hamadani’s death sentence and sent her case to a lower court for retrial. Sareh was sentenced to death in Iran three months earlier for speaking out about LGBTQIA+ rights on social media. Over 46,000 Amnesty supporters in Australia rallied for her release.

I hope to achieve freedom… I hope the day will come when we can all live in freedom in our country.

Sareh’s Sedighi-Hamadani

What’s next?

  • Learn more about our campaign work for individuals at risk.
  • Sign the petition to call on Iranian authorities to release others at risk of execution for courageously standing up and exercising their right to protest.
  • Become a Human Rights Defender by by making a donation to ensure that we can continue supporting Sareh and others like her suffering from unjust imprisonment.

Finland: New gender recognition law a major step towards protecting trans rights

In February 2023, transgender people in Finland were finally able to have their gender legally recognised without being forced to undergo sterilisation and psychiatric assessment.

This win is a result of more than a decade of campaigning by the transgender community and civil society groups. It is a testament to the commitment of activists who have fought long and hard – often in the face of toxic rhetoric – to see this change. Over 347,000 people worldwide signed Amnesty’s petition to show Finland that the world was watching.

What’s next?

Iran: Women’s rights defenders, Yasaman and her mother Monireh, were released from prison early

In February 2023, Yasaman Aryani and Monireh Arabshahi were released after nearly four years in prison. They were sentenced to 16 years in prison after taking off their headscarves and handing out flowers on International Women’s Day in 2019 to campaign against forced veiling in Iran.

An incredible 100,000 supporters in Australia, and over one million supporters around the world took action for Yasaman and Monireh demanding their freedom.

What next?

Australia: The government committed to funding diversion programs

Last year, 10,000 people put pressure on the Albanese Government to uphold its election promise to fund First Nations-led community diversion programs. The Government listened and in October, announced the allocation of $81.5 million towards initiatives that address the root causes of incarceration.

Across Australia, more children will be able to grow up safe, supported and connected to community, instead of sucked into the quicksand of the criminal justice system.

What next?

  • Learn more about our Indigenous justice campaign work.
  • Sign the petition to support keeping our kids safe from prison and out of the criminal justice system for good. Call on the government to invest in community-based solutions that work.
  • Become a Human Rights Defender by by making a donation to help send our campaigners to work with families affected by the youth justice system and advocate for First Nations rights.

South Sudan: Magai walks free after being sentenced to death when he was a child

In March 2022, Magai Matiop Ngong had his death sentence commuted and walked free. He asked us to pass on his thank you message to you and everyone who took action for him during our Write for Rights 2019 campaign:

“The power of Write for Rights and humanity can do miracles and restore your dignity… You are indeed the definition of humanity, thanks for saving lives, as we strive for a better, fair and just world… Use your ink and voice to make a difference today.”

Magai Matiop Ngong

What next?

Australia: Joined the fight to take climate justice to the world’s highest court

After tireless advocacy by students from the Pacific, and supported by thousands of Amnesty supporters, Australia became one of 105 countries co-sponsoring Vanuatu’s initiative to take climate change to the International Court of Justice. This means the court will give a legal opinion on the obligations of governments to protect the human rights of present and future generations against the adverse effects of climate change.

What next?

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