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End the Death Penalty

Every day, all over the world, prisoners – men, women and even children – face execution. The death penalty is cruel, inhuman and degrading. We are opposed to its use, everywhere in the world, for whatever reason.

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Death Penalty facts and figures 2012

Report: Death sentences and executions in 2012

Explore our annual report on the use of the death penalty and executions across the world, and progress towards abolition.

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Japan: 40 years on death row

After four decades awaiting execution, a recent court development offers hope of retrial for Japanese death row prisoner Okunishi Masaru.

Amnesty International section chairs take part in an action against the death penalty

Connecticut abolishes the Death Penalty

Connecticut has ended the death sentence, becoming the fifth state in the U.S. in five years to repeal the cruel and inhuman punishment as the abolition movement progresses worldwide.

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