Want to start an Amnesty Group? Here's how!

You’re interested in getting your school, university or community more involved in human rights and Amnesty International? That’s great news – thank you!

Having more young people lead, shape and participate in our human rights movement will ensure that our shared future is more free, just, and equal.

Effective human rights advocacy takes time, understanding, and practice. Whether you’re a teacher, educator or a young person, we’re here to support you!

Why should I start an Amnesty Group?

Amnesty Groups are a great way for young people to engage in important human rights education and activism at school, university or in their local community! With the support of Amnesty, young people can learn, skill up and take action for human rights as a Amnesty Group.

We have recently updated our Amnesty Group Program to offer a better experience to our groups. Check out the relevant ONE-PAGER below to find out with more information as to how your Amnesty Group can get involved with Amnesty & what support you have available to you.

How do I get started? What do I do first?

The first step is to let us know that you’re interested in starting an Amnesty Group! Or perhaps, you already have a thriving Amnesty Group, but you are looking for some additional guidance and support…

Send a quick email to our friendly Youth Engagement Coordinator, Tahlia, at tahlia.nesfield@amnesty.org.au, to let us know that you are starting an Amnesty Group in your school or community! Alternatively, if you’ve already filled out THIS form on our Youth Resource webpage – Tahlia will be in touch soon!

Once you’re in contact with Tahlia, the next step is to set up a time to conduct an ‘Online Welcome Induction’ as part of the onboarding process. Tahlia will tell you more information via email! During this session, you’ll find out all the information you need and be able to ask all the questions you have to kickstart your Amnesty Group in your school, university or community!

Looking for more resources to guide your Amnesty Group?

Human Rights Education Materials & Resources

Activist Skill-Up Resources

To brush up on generic activist skills, head over to our Activist Skill Up Series. There is a range of useful resources to explore and develop your skill set and confidence, including:

Resources for Teachers & Educators

Group Development Resources

  • This Resources for Convenors document has a comprehensive list of resources that you should need to develop and lead an Amnesty Group. There’s a lot in there so use it as a directory to look up resources as you need them!
  • Also in the Activist Resources section are various other useful resources, such as our events & tactics checklist and some general event resources.

Want to fundraise for Amnesty?

Every dollar you raise really does make a difference to upholding human rights. This vital form of activism ensures we can continue to have human rights impact both locally and globally.

School based fundraisers are a powerful way for students to speak on human rights issues facing society today, while also allowing them to actually get involved in fundraising efforts to ameliorate these issues. Fundraising with Amnesty International will allow students to learn about the human rights issue at hand, but also learn how to set SMART goals, inspire school spirit and support student wellbeing.

We have seen schools donate their funds from crazy hair day, carnivals, casual dress day, readathons, colour run, movie day and annual school fetes.

Want access to even more personalised support & exclusive training opportunities? Become a Youth Member for FREE!

Youth Membership is FREE for 16 and 17 year olds and enables young people to play a unique role in shaping Amnesty’s work. As young people, you not only shape the future of our work, you are our future. Our Youth Membership offers opportunities such as:

  • Skilling up with workshops and trainings in activism and how to be a leader,
  • Participating in governance through self-electing and voting in AGMs and,
  • Networking with other passionate like-minded people in our movement at in person events, or on our Online Members Community!

Sign up by clicking the button below or email our Youth Engagement Coordinator, Tahlia, at tahlia.nesfield@amnesty.org.au for more information!

*Note: Are you younger than 16? No worries at all – send an email to Tahlia letting her know you’re still interested in getting involved! Are you older than 17? Also no worries – sign up for our regular membership here to receive the same benefits!